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The ShadowMist Gastly Humidifier

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Immerse yourself in the ultimate home experience with our ShadowMist Gastly Humidifier. Designed to enhance your environment, they offer both superior air purification and a stylish touch to your decor. With confidence in their lasting performance, these humidifiers promise to elevate your daily comfort and well-being.

Package contents:

  • Main body + stand
  • 1 USB C
  • Manual


  • Base: 10cm x 6.5 cm
  • Height: 21cm

Improve the atmosphere of your home with advanced air purification. Our device not only maintains ideal moisture levels but also enhances overall air quality, creating a healthier, more refreshing environment. Embrace the benefits of purer air that revitalizes your space and invigorates your daily life.

Discover the exceptional quality of our PokeMist humidifiers, meticulously engineered for peak performance and lasting reliability. With its superior design and construction, this device stands out as a durable enhancement to your home environment.

This device not only purifies the air but also serves as an attractive piece of decor, infusing your room with an air of sophistication and enhancing its overall aesthetic appeal. Enjoy the dual benefits of air purification and elegant design with this addition to your home.

We have complete confidence in the exceptional quality of our innovative humidifiers and their ability to enhance your well-being and comfort in your living space.